About Us


This is Fae-tal Attractions Perfumery! We make whimsical scents for the fantastically minded, with a heavy dose of olfactory glitter and pixie dust.

(No actual pixies are harmed in the making of our perfumes.)

I'm Pixie (She/Her), and I'm the perfumer behind Fae-tal Attractions. I am a chronically ill faerie with a love for perfume and the power of anime on my side. I take inspiration from all sorts of places, but they're usually fantasy related. I'm a Pisces. You cannot pin me down to this mortal earth with silly things like reality.

In my spare time, I review other people's perfumes, because I absolutely love the art, and there are so many amazing artists out there who deserve love. If you need a perfume and I don't make it, and I know where to find it? I will not hesitate to point you in the right direction! There are so many amazing Indie perfumers out there who deserve all the love and attention!

Spooky (They/Them) is the Graphic artist behind this shindig, and generally, the one who packs your orders and keeps me sane. Ish. They also have chronic migraines, so we tend to test our perfumes to make sure they're 'migraine safe', at least for our situation. They love cosplay, and do commissions for art as well, and they stream video games on Twitch for funsies. 

Their favorite anime is Sailor Moon, and they love Tacos.

You can bribe them with tacos.


If you have any other questions, don't hesitate to ask! I'm an open book, and the worst Spooky can do is tell you no and look at you funny. It'll be great!


Be safe, and as always, remember that you are loved, and that you are enough, just as you are right now.