Our Mission

Our mission is to create whimsical, wearable pieces of art made from high-quality materials. We aim to bring our integrity, our compassion, and most of all our passion and joy for fragrance in an accessible, affordable and approachable way.


What Goes In Your Perfumes?

Our perfumes are formulated with a combination of high quality essential oils, natural absolutes, C02 extracts, isolates, and synthetic aromachemicals. We use a base of 35% perfume concentrate to carrier, making all of our perfumes extraits. All of these are safe. We follow IFRA guidelines, which are the industry standard for safety in fragrance.

We do NOT use pre-blended fragrance oils, which are typically used in candles, incense and bath/body products. Our formulas are unique to us, and that's what makes us special!


Do You Do Custom Scents?

We do, if we think that we can provide you with what you are wanting! These are on an extremely limited basis. However, if you are looking for a specific perfume that we do not have, chances are that we know another Indie perfumer who makes it, and we are more than happy to help! This sort of request is best made on Tiktok or Instagram so that I can tag the creators, but you can also contact us via email if you don't use those platforms.


Resting Perfumes and Why

We know how exciting it is to get your new perfumes in the mail, and we're not going to judge you for sniffing immediately! (We do it too!)

However, if they smell 'off' or 'screechy' or just plain wrong, we suggest setting them to the side for a few days to rest. Fluctiations in temperature while shipping can affect the oils, and usually a short rest will clear up any issues.

If you still don't like the scent after it rests, we understand! Scent is subjective, and that's why we HIGHLY suggest sampling before full size purchases. We unfortunately do not accept returns, so we suggest passing any fragrances you don't like to a friend! (Or a decant group, or sample swaps on Reddit, or or or...)


Are Your Perfumes 'Clean'?

This is a tricky question! "Clean" is an unregulated term in fragrance, and without set definition or guidelines we run into the issue of misunderstandings and manipulation through marketing. So, we don't market ourselves as 'clean'. We do not use phalates or parabens, or many of the other ingredients that usually get advertised in 'free-from' companies. If you have a question about a specific ingredient, feel free to contact us via email! We try to list potential allergens as they come up, but of course, everyone has different allergies, so it's always good to ask!


Are Your Perfumes Cruelty Free?

Yes, and proudly so! We do not engage in animal testing of any sort. However, at some point all FDA approved ingredients have been tested on animals, as that is how they were approved for retail sale.


Are Your Products Vegan?

All of our perfumes are vegetarian, but some ingredients, like beeswax absolute, butter c02, wool extract, things of that nature, are not vegan.We will note where these are used, ALWAYS, so that you can make informed decisions about your perfumes. All typically animal derived ingredients (Like musk or ambergris) are either plant based or synthetic.

To put it in simple terms, all of our perfumes are vegetarian, but not all are vegan, but we will always note which ones are not vegan.


Perfume Appearance Over Time

Due to the ingredients used, some perfumes may appear cloudy, separate or darken over time. This is perfectly normal! If your perfume separates, give it a gentle shake and that ought to do the trick!







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