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Current Seasonal Offerings

Beedle - A little Beedle, sitting on a branch eating cherries, buzzing around and living its best little life. 
Notes: Soft Moss, a Kiss of Honey, and Munched Cherries.


Luna Moth - Bright as dust and beaming moon, they flutter 'cross the sky.

Was there any doubt that the moths were fae? That the Luna Moth herself, in all her endless elegance, was fae? 

This is a soft, delicate dance between the moon and her children.
Notes: Effervescent pear, moonbeams, pale blossoms.


Orchid Mantis - She is beauty, she is grace. She will punch you in the face.

She looks so delicate. So darling. Sweet. Pristine. Perfect, even. But those mandibles pack a bite, if you're silly enough to earn her wrath.
Notes: Pink Pineapple, Sweet Guava, Blushed Blossoms and the Faintest Hint of Scorn.


Preying Mantis - Life is hard when you look mean. But it'd totally bite you.

This, while green, is a lot gentler and more loving than it sounds like it ought to be, a breath of freshness wrapped in a sweet little bit of adoration.
Notes: Tomato Leaf, a touch of Moist Earth, Lychee and Unbridled Rage.



Our Menu

3, 2, 1 Let’s Jam - This fragrance is jammy, woodsy and out of this world.
Notes: Fir Balsam Absolute, Out of This World Vanilla, A Dreamy Bergamot, and Galactic Woods.


A Witches Breakfast -These are the biscuits you couldn't burn. (Even witches need breakfast!)
Notes: Buttermilk biscuits, juicy peaches, honeysuckle and a drizzle of salted honey.


Awoo! A werewolf on in a moonlit glade on the edge of an ancient forest.
Notes:  Lycan musk, werewolf fur, Black Spruce, Moss, Juniper, Linden blossom, Cedar, Hay Absolute, Rosemary, Blue Chamomile, Clary Sage, Lavender, Patchouli, Labdanum and Moonbeam Accord.


Baecation - This smells like oiled up babes on the beach, toes curled in the sand, having the time of their lives.
Notes: Juicy Ginger, Creamy Coconut, and a heavy dose of Slutty Vanilla. Yum!


Bingo! - This is a fruity, herbaceous, dare I say it sexy perfume, suitable for any would be bodyguards or members of the R.P.D.  Or anyone else who wants to smell positively scrumptious. 
Notes: Ocean Accord, Banana, Sparkling Fruits, Lavender, Sage, Virginia Cedar, Bay Leaf, Hinoki Wood, and Armoise. 


Bliss - Pause for a moment. Take a breath. Breathe in, breathe out, deep and calming. This is that breath, a blissful reprieve from the busy bustle of life around you, gentle and loving. Like a cup of herbal tea, this scent is like a hug for your soul, bright and brisk and loving.
Notes: Carnation, Green Tea, Peppermint, Bergamot, and Cedar.


Citrus-Sea Fizzypop - Like sipping on a fizzy citrus soda that tickles your nose by the sea, feet dangling off the edge of a pier while birds sing, manatees munching lazily on seagrass beneath the calm waters, sun setting on the horizon while oranges bob lazily on the waves.
Notes: Citrus, Ocean Accord, Vetiver.


Cleanse - It smells like new beginnings and clear heads, delightfully herbal and aromatic.
Notes: Clary Sage, Patchouli, Cedar and Salt.


Coquette - Coquette is a delectable concoction of matcha dusted pistachio marshmallows, with honeysuckle gently rolling in on the breeze.
Notes: Matcha, Pistachio, Marshmallow, Honeysuckle.


Cozy Cryptid - It's a warm, cozy blanket of lavender, marshmallow, coconut cream and a little sprinkle of pixie dust to give it that bit of Extra so you can cuddle up to your favorite cryptid and snoodle them to your hearts content.
Notes: Lavender, Marshmallow, Coconut Cream, Pixie Dust.


Daddy Issues X.O. - Look. Daddy Issues are vast. Complicated. Intricate. Infused with gobs of Slutty Vanilla and a blush of Apricot.

Sweeter and brighter than the OG, with a gush of juiciness.
Notes: Carnation, Allspice, Cardamom, Ginger, Amyris, Labdanum, Slutty Vanilla, Apricot.

Don’t Touch Me, I’m Expensive - Okay, but really? You can afford to smell this good, but that doesn't mean they can afford to touch. This is a delicious, bubble gum pink smelling Luxe Edition, Bougie perfume that will leave them dead in their tracks every time, whoever 'they' are.
Notes: Fir Balsam Absolute, Patchouli, Green Tea, Cashmere, Pink Velvet Musk.


Fairy Fluff - Fairy Fluff is simply the most scrumptious cotton candy we could find, distilled with the most succulent cherries, ripe at their peak. Then? We went and wrapped the whole affair up in a bouquet of fantasy florals and satin ribbon. This is Luxe. This is an AFFAIR. Silky and lush, this is not the cotton candy you got as a little one.
Note: Cherried cotton candy, fantasy florals, a satin ribbon.

Frog Princess - Marshmallow fog drifts in to play, and neroli blossoms gently waft on the breeze, landing in the water gracefully, as the reeds dance to the tune of the afternoon.
Note: Neroli, Marshmallow, Ginger, Green Tea.


Ghost - Velvety and crystalline at the same time, cold and soft and incredibly liminal. A cold, translucent hand grasps yours, breathy whispers in your ear coaxing you to take a step forward, into the unknown.
Notes: Saffron, Vetiver, and a Cold Vanilla.


GhOwOst - Sometimes, you just gotta put glitter on the skull.
Notes: Vetiver, Saffron, a Cold Vanilla, and Sparkling Marshmallow.


Gingerfizz - A glittering, effervescent ginger treat, sparkling from every angle. Reminiscent of a ginger chew, but rolled in olfactory glitter.
Notes:  Juicy ginger, ylang ylang, a healthy smattering of pixie dust, glittering golden musk.


Himbo Sweat -Think bad. Himbo good.

Notes: Just burnt caramel, slutty vanilla, three different sandalwoods, cardamom, allspice, ginger, temple incense, juicy mandarin, apricot, and musk.


Kunafa - Inspired by simply one of the most scrumptious pastries there is, this is a perfume good enough to eat. (Please do not eat perfume. It will not end well.)
Notes: Flaky, buttery phyllo pastry, delicate rose water syrup, a sprinkle of orange blossom water, salted roasted pistachios, and a dollop of cream.


Marshmallow Layering Note - An absolutely scrumptious, gooey marshmallow straight from the kitchen, lightly dusted with powered sugar and bottled up just for you.


Marshmallow Snow - Strawberries and snowflakes, make of marshmallow fluff, treading softly through the woods.
Notes: Fir Balsam Absolute, Marshmallow, Amyris Wood, and Ylang Ylang.


Princet - Hedonism in a bottle. Satin sheets and debauchery, pure sin. This is less sweet than it sounds, leaning slightly more masculine.
Notes: Slutty Vanilla, Jasmine Absolute, Jasmine Grandiflora, A Smidgen of Oud, a Silken, Dreamy Musk.


Salted Lavender - Where the sea meets the cliff, the lavender grows, and there is where I’ll meet you. Salt on my lips, pale blooms in hand, this is where I’ll meet you.
Notes: Lavender, Salt, Cedar.


Sea Salt Ice Cream - There's nothing like sitting on a rooftop eating popcicles with your besties, right? Here's to the innocence of friendship, the family you choose, and some darn good ice cream.
Notes: Sea salt ice cream, plain and simple.


Slutty Pistachio - Pistachio. But...y'know. Slutty. Like a decadent gelato!
Notes: Pistachios, Pixie Dust.


Slutty Vanilla - The Dreamiest vanilla you can think of, and then a little extra Oomph.


Smells Like Spiders In Here - Perfect for the Discerning Cryptid in Your Life. Sexy. Juicy. Bright. (This was a custom too good not to share.)
Notes: Lemongrass, Sandalwood, Patchouli, Mandarin and Coriander Seed.


Sparkling Marshmallow Layering Note - This is the same Ooey Gooey Scrumptiousness as our regular marshmallow, with a little sprinkling of Pixie Dust, just to give it some extra Sparkle. Olfactory Glitter is our specialty!


Sparkling Rose - Slightly sweet, dewy and fresh, this rose is never musty or dusty, but fresh picked with a tiny hint of thorn, dipped in a whip of marshmallow.
Notes: Rose, Ylang Ylang, Marshmallow.


Sphynx - A positively scrumptious and bold burst of cardamom and rose that is absolutely effervescent.
Notes: Rose, Cardamom, and a kiss of Oud.


Sweet Dreams - A gentle hum of a scent, Sweet Dreams is a luch, delectable swirl of sweetness and the tiniest hint of fresh rose to bring it together.
Notes: Rose, Amyris Wood, Labdanum, and a hing of sparkling Ginger.


This Perfume Has Daddy Issues - This is either going to fix your Daddy Issues or give you new ones.
Notes: Carnation, Allspice, Cardamom, Ginger, Amyris, Labdanum, and Vanilla.


Tryst - Tryst was made as a tribute to Aphrodite, and it suits, because this perfume is sensual. It is romantic. This is a rose that going to get you somewhere, and that somewhere is probably a set of satin sheets. This is a rose that is confident, secure in itself, and knows its worth. It is absolutely decadent, delicious and sultry.
Notes: Rose, Ocean Accord, and Pearl.


Union Fruit - We chose each other! The fruit said so! ...okay, so maybe eating a fruit and deciding you're soulmates at 12 isn't a good idea. But this perfume absolutely is! A mix of tropical fruits and glitter that defies definition, it is simply bright, sparkling and happy
Notes: A tropical fruit with hints of pineapple, passion fruit, and a whole lot of glitter. 


UwU - This smells like salted candied rose petals, and a little bit of smut. It’s absolutely scrumptious.
Notes: Sparkling Rose, Ocean Accord, and Pearl.


Valkyrie - Valkyrie is a clean, herbal, brisk and bright fragrance. Aromatic and perky, it smells like adventures in the great wide yonder, an escape to new ideas and new frontiers.
Notes: Juniper, Lavender, and Oakmoss





Seasonal Offerings - Out of Season

Aqua Regia - It's gold dripping from every pore.  A decadent, hedonistic wish for more more more gone horribly wrong but horribly right. A work of art in motion.
Notes: Golden threads of Saffron, Crystallized Ginger, Slutty Vanilla, Amyris Wood, and Ylang Ylang.

Billy - Chocolate Syrup. Like the movies.

Right, babe? By all rights these notes should be sticky sweet and cloying, a playboy here to sweep you off your feet. But really? The chocolate is dark and bitter. The cherry is tart. This boy is rotten to the core, and he really, really is just looking for an excuse to get his knife wet.
Notes: Dark Chocolate Syrup, Cherries.

Brimble - What Wee Little Wonders Come Creeping In The Night

To Feast

Upon The Light

Will'O'Wisps sure are tasty, aren't they?
Notes: Dried Leaves, Warm Fur, Apricot.

Leatherface - He's a good ol' country boy, right? Family Oriented. Not too Bright, but full of Heart. He's just..hungry. And lacks social skills. (And Hygiene.)

So we made him a pretty perfume to cover up some of those less desirable attributes, because really, he's just a sweetheart, right? Right? :C
Notes: Texas Sage, Suede, Virginia Cedar, Tobacco, Salt.


Myers - Michael's such a thoughtful guy. When he's walking you home, you can practically hear music in the ai-

Ohgosh you should probably run. Faster. Much faster. 
Notes: Laurie's Jasmine Perfume (Jasmine Absolute, Sweet Orange, Neroli), Clean Sheets, and a Knife in the Dark.


Nite Lite - The safest, warmest comfort known to all our kind;

A watchful eye o'er a fire at night, a guardian as we slumber.
Notes: Warm milk, honey, cardamom, and a touch of lavender.


Stu - He's a good boy, right? Star athlete, good family. Good boyfriend, good stu-dent.. Okay. So he's not that smart. And so maybe he stabbed some people. Jeez.

This absolute cuddle of a scent is very, well. Stu. It's suave and charismatic, rich and charming and comforting, excitable and giddy and just a little slutty.
Notes: Decadent Espresso, French Rose, Sweet Orange, Slutty Vanilla.


Will'O'Wisp - What a strange little thing, all glimmers and malice, here to lead you off into who knows where. Where will your feet take you?

Will you come back?
Notes: Cold Light, Brisk Greenery, A Sense of Urgency.