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3,2,1 Let's Jam

3,2,1 Let's Jam

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Have you ever wanted to smell like you're eating a strawberry jam sandwich in space? Then this is the scent for you!

This fragrance is jammy, woodsy and out of this world.

Notes: Fir Balsam Absolute, Out of This World Vanilla, A Dreamy Bergamot, and Galactic Woods.


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Customer Reviews

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Really jammy fir!

I agree with a previous reviewer, this is primarily balsam fir. I happen to love balsam fir, so that works out great. The opening is really jammy, and dries down to a light bergamot and floaty vanilla. Woods are lightly present throughout. A lovely unisex fragrance.

Holly Anei
Get everybody and the stuff together~

Smells like strawberry jelly with a pine foresty backdrop w/hints of really good bergamot. Doesn't go too foresty. Smells mostly like jam!


This one just fir balsam absolute on me. It's very similar to marshmallow snow. Stays like that for about half an hour then settles for the rest of the 3ish hours morphing into a slightly sweet bergamot and wood scent. I think this one did what is intended to smell like since it is pretty straightforward, just be cautious with the fir balsam absolute note because it can take over if you're prone to amping it like I do. Sample, sample!