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Fae-tal Attractions Perfumery



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A werewolf in a moonlit glade on the edge of a moonlit glade on the edge of an ancient forest.

Notes: Lycan musk, werewolf fur, Black Spruce, Moss, Juniper, Linden blossom, Cedar, Hay Absolute, Rosemary, Blue Chamomile, Clary Sage, Lavender, Patchouli, Labdanum and Moonbeam Accord.

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Customer Reviews

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Nicole Noia
Brawny & Brainy Wolf

Of all the fragrances I sampled from Fae-tal, this was the most masculine one on me. It opened up as a woodsy green scent, reminiscent of a springtime hike in the woods. My wolf was wearing flannel and foraging sticks for a fire pit. As it dried down, it transformed to more of a scholarly wolf, with a clean sweetness similar to that of warm leather that has been sitting in the sun. There’s something comforting about it that reminds me of being in a historic library. While I enjoyed the journey of this one, I do prefer it more on my partner than on me. :)

Ares In Repose
For All My Fellow Freaky Werewolf Lovers

After reading another review that said this was straight-up dog, I was afraid of this scent. So naturally, this was the first one I opened and tried. Um, apparently I am just as much of a freaky little werewolf lover as I thought I was because I am into this scent. My husband is also a big, big fan. Is this scent my fated mate? I think it might be.

I ordered this with a handful of other samples, and everything smells totally unique and exciting. I've been working through a huge perfume order from various houses that has felt downright disappointing - stale fall/winter scents that didn't do anything special. And Fae-tal Attractions Perfumery reignited my love for indies. These are some really wild and nostalgic scents. The whole package smells like my childhood bedroom. I want to cradle it, put it under my pillow, hold it close.

Fan fucking Tastic product

I have been getting nothing but doting compliments since the scent arrived and I wore it. Keep up the good work pixie.


Want to smell like the prettiest werewolf in the forest? This is where it’s at. The sample I received is simply amazing.

Holly Anei
Got that dawg in Ya

Non-romanticized werewolf smell (dog fur & funk) in a beautiful night time forest. A true animalic scent that depending on your skin chemistry will be a wild or smooth ride. For adventurous sniffers this is a must try!