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Velvety and crystalline at the same time, cold and soft and incredibly liminal, Ghost takes us out of our comfort zone and somewhere Other, somewhere Else. A cold, translucent hand grasps yours, breathy whispers in your ear coaxing you to take a step forward, into the unknown.

Notes: Saffron, Vetiver, and a Cold Vanilla.

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Customer Reviews

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I am obsessed with everything this shop does

Okay, I got a number of scents. Ghost being one of them. This is feeding my delulu and also it smells so good. I literally felt like he was right in front of me. All of the perfumes I got are amazing. Daddy issues, Sakura Sparkle, Konig, slutty vanilla, this one, and hehe sweet trouble. They are so good. PLEASE order from here. The cost is worth it, the product will last you. The quality is immaculate. I am not buying perfume form anywhere else.

Holy Grail book scent

With my skin chemistry this is one of the best old books in a haunted mansion scents I have ever encountered. Dusty old books give off a hit of cold paper vanillin. The saffron goes leathery on me and the vetiver reads paper. This is hauntingly beautiful. The ghost in a library of a dark academia wizard. (Purchased and recently full sized)


Truly eriee of a perfume. The description seems melancholic but to me, there is so much more happening. To put it simply, it is atmospheric and reminds me of a funeral home or liminal space for a hospital type of scent. It's a deep fragrance and it does make me feel ill- but in a good way haha. This invokes something hard to describe and it would benefit you to get a sample of this for sure! I couldn't get D&F's "The People You Love Become Ghosts Inside You" to work for me at all and Ghost replaced it entirely, it's exactly what I would expect D&F's version to smell like, so if you struggled like I did then I am certain this will help out.