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Slutty Vanilla

Slutty Vanilla

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The dreamiest vanilla you can think of, and then a little extra Oomph. What started as a simple accord was elected by popular demand to be a perfume in its own right, and honestly? It deserves it. One of our best sellers, and for good reason, this vanilla is aptly named. It's just a little..

Well. You get the idea.

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Customer Reviews

Based on 7 reviews
So good!!

I love it! I see what people mean by saying it smells like a cinnamon roll but it is not quite as sweet and food-y smelling as it sounds. I am currently addicted to wearing it! <3
Also, wanted to add that if you love vanilla perfumes you simply MUST try this. Vanilla is my favorite note of all time and I have tried quite a few different vanilla-centered scents from different brands (including super popular ones that I just found kinda 'meh'-I'm pretty picky) and welp, this one... is really on another level. I have big heart eyes. It lasts into the next day too! 😍

Sexy Cinnamon Roll

This fragrance is a favorite for a reason. It smells like a sophisticated cinnamon roll, and I am a huge fan.


Words cannot describe how much I ADORE this vanilla. I could eat it up. Also, owner of this shop is simply a WONDERFUL person, I am so grateful for what I received.


the BEST vanilla, definitely lives up to the name!


After the sample, I full-sized this as well. It's much stronger in the bigger bottle so I am surprised by the potency. The vanilla is definitely more sultry and a bit deep. If you love unique Vanilla fragrances then this one is it for you.